TRAVEL to: EUROPE (2021)

VIENNA, CROATIA, Medjugorje, Budapest, Krakow

08/23/21 to 09/06/21

transferred to 2022

Trip suspended once again because of COVID 19.

No harm...

Money paid for this trip can be left for this trip rescheduled for 2022 or used for another trip such as:


back from poland

or Poland and Lithuania....

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Click on the link below to see the route - trip map,+Wien-Flughafen,+1300+Schwechat,+%C3%81ustria/48.1399046,17.1932216/Zadar,+Cro%C3 %A1cia/Trogir,+Cro%C3%A1cia/Split,+Cro%C3%A1cia/Dubrovnik,+Cro%C3%A1cia/Me%C4%91ugorje,+B%C3%B3snia+e+Herzegovina/Mostar,+ B%C3%B3snia+e+Herzegovina/Budapest,+Hungary/Crac%C3%B3via,+Pol%C3%B4nia/@45.2169097,10.430676.5.76z/data=!4m57!4m56!1m5!1m1!1s0x476c55ab471abe9bb2bb2b1:0x !2m2!1d16.5665751!2d48.1158333!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x4761fa62d2c0b88f:0x12323e1c13f40784!2m2!1d15.2313648!2d44.119371!1m5!1169583da1:1m1m1m1m5!116958735:1c0b1s0x1m2d44.119371m1m5!116953da1:1c0b1s0x132d2m2d1d15.2313648! ! 1m1 1s0x13355dfc6bbcf517: 0xa1798ff631b49f98 2m2 1M5 1m1 1d16.4401935 2d43.5081323 1s0x134b8ba20835e87d!!!!!! 0x400ad50862bd500 2m2 1M5 1m1 1d18.0944238 2d42.6506606 1s0x134b6d2f8d4fe3b5!!!!!!!!! 0x9dc250dd6284739d 2m2 1d17.6629672 2d43 .200913!1m5!1m1!1s0x134b43a43b6340a9:0x14f32b2d4e37c5a!2m2!1d17.8077578!2d43.3437748!1m5!1m1!1s0x4741c334d1d4cfc9:04x400!c4290!2!2! .497912!1m5!1m1!1s0x471644c0354e18d1:0xb46bb6b576478abf!2m2!1d19.9449799!2d50.0646501!3e0

Contact with organizer and companion throughout the trip:

Father Christopher Sopicki

tel. 21.97675-0815




Will be updated to 2022

Land: 2,750.00 euros

Air with fees: $1,200.00

Registration 500 euros (included in the land price) this value is non-refundable in case of withdrawal.

Discount for couples 50 euros per person.

included :

* travel insurance

* Hotels tourist category (3 or 4 stars)

*Private bus, local tourist guides, pilot and spiritual guide (Father Cristóvão)

* Tickets and city tour mentioned in the script.

* Air ticket with the right of one suitcase + hand luggage


Date of departure from Rio de Janeiro:

date to be set, end of august 2022

August 23, 2021 * (Monday)

boarding at Galeão airport

08/23/21 flight KL 706 GIG AMS 21:55 (2:20+1)

arrival in Amsterdam on 24/08/2021 14:20

Departure from Amsterdam DAY 24/08/2021

AMSVIE 5:15 pm KL 1847 and arrival in VIENNA on 08/24/2021 at 7:05 pm

transfer to the hotel-Resting

2nd Day (8/25/21) Wednesday, VIENNA

VIENNA: Breakfast, city tour of Vienna with guide.

Hofburg Palace

Despite its name, the Hofburg Palace is not just a single building. The palace, heritage of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a symbol of its power, is actually a complex that brings together historic and famous buildings, such as the official residence of the President of Austria, the National History Museum, cafes, restaurants, ballrooms , theatres, the Austrian Imperial Library, the Spanish Riding School and the Sissi Museum, with their personal objects and dresses.

Vienna Opera

It is no coincidence tha