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pilgrimage to

Image by Sander Crombach


Travel transferred to
10/31 to 11/10/2022

Completion of the trip - pilgrimage:

CNS Viagens & Peregrinações (Fr. Cristóvão Sopicki SAC)

Travel agency: operator: MATTEO TRAVEL - Poland

New trip date and value
Now let's go with Air France 
Price was: 2,800 decreased to 2,500 dollars 
now 2,400 dollars 
  + fees 215.00  
     total with fees: $2,615.00.
obs. In the price included:
* the cost of COVID 19 test, PRC has been included in the outbound travel
  to Israel in
  value 65.00 dollars 
* safer air and land part of the trip with value of the cost of medical care
  40,000.00 Euros
  cost of aid: 5,000.00 euros
  Consequences of accidents 4,000.00 euros
  civil liability 50,000.00 euros
  Insurance covers protection in case of contamination with COVID 19 - if someone is
  contaminated while traveling
  Insurance does not cover damages in case of cancellation of the trip.
  the cost of COVID 19 test, PRC  on Israel's departure   value 65.00 dollars + tourist taxes (150.00 + 65.00 = 215.00 U$ )

was 2,800 dollars - now the trip was for 
         2,615.00 U$ 

* in this time of COVID-19, the costs of air tickets, hotel accommodations and the addition of the now mandatory service of travel agencies have increased
  from Israel  and one more + SILENT GUIDE from Israel.
   Despite these increases, we did not add to the value of the trip but had to give up the promotions.

program your  travel and go with us
(CNS = Associação Caminhos de Nossa Senhora)
few spots!!!
Israel limited groups to 27 people + guide + pilot + Israel agent "SILENT GUIDE".

open for subscriptions.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Organized itinerary for families, couples, friends and young people, who want more than just knowing a destination, looking for knowledge and fulfillment.

We will travel accompanied by the

Father Cristovão Sopicki SAC (Palotino)

EARTH  HOLY  in 9 days 
(7 days, plus two travel)
10/31 to 11/10/2022 

Image by David Holifield
Jerusalem a noite geral.jpg
Jerusalem a noite feira.jpg
jerusalem A NOITE 1.jpg

Heads up !! flights can be changed, date and time.  

In the time of the pandemic, airlines are changing schedules or canceling - changing flight dates.

1st day - 10/31/22  (Monday)

departure from Rio de Janeiro at 4:30 pm

* meeting at the airport at 1:30 pm

Travel: RIO - Paris - Tel Aviv - with Air France ...  

Departure from Rio de Janeiro, Galeão airport at 16:30  

Arrival to Paris on 11/01/22 at 07:45

Departure from Paris at 08:55


Arrival in TEL AVIV on 11/01/2022 at 14:05  

(Local time)

transfer to hotel in Belém. 115 km. 1 hour and 30 min. of the trip. Accommodation at the hotel and free time. Dinner at the hotel.

tel-aviv +.jpg