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Próxima peregrinação a pé dia 20 de setembro​
a 5 de outubro 2024


Schedule of pilgrimages and guided trips

Route: Paths of Our Lady

and Ways to Christ

National and international trips and pilgrimages


SIDNEY TEL.21.99125-8547

year 2021

MTB Pilgrimage

CPC in April canceled

* 20 - 27 June 2021

open for subscriptions

* 21st - 28th of November 2021

                                    open for subscriptions

On foot

* September 28th to October 12th

*1 ( performed with 82 cyclists)

Peace Cycling Pilgrimage February 8-9 2020

Fr. Cristovão


CNS for athletes March 16-19 -

fast pace, 4 days.

PL. 16-19 brand w rytmie dla atletów,

canceled - COVID-19


March 15-22, 2019 - held  

Second MTB Pilgrimage on the Paths to Christ /CPC/

Departure by van from Rio de Janeiro and then departure from Aparecida to the Cristo Redentor Sanctuary, Corcovado. Solemn arrival at the sanctuary on March 22nd.

Performed in 4 days - fast pace

* 4

July 18 - 25, 2020 (8 days)



MTB Pilgrimage with Father Leandro. 8 days.

PL> 18/15 lipca 2020 pielgrzymka rowerowa z Ksiedzem Leandro. 8 dni.


September 28th to October 12th 2020

9/28 - 10/12/2020

PILGRIMAGE on foot through the CNS direct to Aparecida in 15 days

Pielgrzymka piesza, 15 dni. Sciezkami Matki Bozej (CNS)

Departure on 28/09

Pilgrimage schedule in:

28/09 PIABETA - Petrópolis * 22 KM.

29/09 PETRÓPOLIS - Vale das Princesas * 26 km.

09/30 Vale das Princesas - Paty do Alferes * 22 km.

10/01 Paty do Alferes - Pirauí * 21 km.

02/10 Pirauí -Brooms * 20 km.

03/10 Brooms - Cap. São Benedito * 38 km.

Transfer by car to Conservatória * 14 km.

10/04 Conservatory - São José do Turvo (16 km.) -

Santa Ana do Turvo * 32 km.

05/10 Santana do Turvo - Santana do Farm

Turvo - Quatis * 18 km. (New pilgrims arrival)

06/10 Quatis - Resende * 24 km. (New pilgrims arrival)

07/10 Resende - Formoso * 29 km.

10/08 Formoso - São José do Barreiro - Areias * 28 km

09/10 Sands - Silveiras * 29 km.

10/10 Silveiras - Canção Nova * 25 km.

11/10 Canção Nova - Piaguí * 29 km.

12/10 Piaguí -Aparecida * 19 km. (4 hours walk, arrival scheduled for Aparecida 15 hours. Mass and return to RIO.


October 18 - 25, 2020 (8 days)

XXV pilgrimage MTB - CNS

registration is open and there are few vacancies.

Rio - Aparecida

PL. 18/10 - 26/10 Pielgrzymka rowerowa. 8 dni. Szlakami Matki Bozej (CNS)





WITH Mass with Father Marcello Rossi

in the shrine Mother of God


NOVEMBER 20-22 2020

two nights at HOTEL 4 ****


Solemn inauguration of the Paths of Our Lady


It took place on March 24, 2018, Saturday at 9 am at the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy

Vila Valqueire - Rio de Janeiro

485 km

Rio de Janeiro - Aparecida

Walking you can do one step a day.

Cycling can do 2 or 3 steps a day depending on physical conditions

Or 15 or 16 days straight.

pass through 19 municipalities
and following cities:
Rio de Janeiro (Sanctuary of Divine Mercy)
Sanctuary of Penha
Paty of the Ensign
São José do Turvo
Our Lady of Support
São José do Barreiro
Cachoeira Paulista (Canção Nova) (by Estrada Real) Aparecida
TOTAL 495 KM. (starting at PIABETA)
Return - Paths to Christ (CPC) Aparecida until Christ the Redeemer - Corcovado 524 km.
Paths to Christ follow the same path only unlike Aparecida until the sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer in Corcovado

LETTER WITH BLESSING FROM DOM ORANI to the CNS Association and all the members and pilgrims of the Ways of Our Lady


Welcome to the new website of Caminhos de Nossa Senhora CNS.

E Paths to Christ CPC.

how did it come about

Through the initiative of Father Cristóvão Sopicki SAC, and businessman Cláudio Santos (at the time - President of FECIERJ), in January 2001 a Cyclic Pilgrimage of Peace was held, linking Niterói, in Rio de Janeiro, to the National Sanctuary of Our Lady Aparecida, in the interior of São Paulo.
And since that year, always at the beginning of the year, and before the cycling season, a great squad was formed by the Presidente Dutra Highway, led by Padre Cristóvão and by Cláudio Santos, in Romaria to thank Nossa Senhora Aparecida for the last season, and asking for protection and success for the new season.

Thus, in the following years, the interest in participating in this event was growing, and since the number of cyclists on the highway is limited, many were unable to register. This is a determination for security reasons, and for all the support logistics formed by the organizers and the Federal Highway Police, which escorts the group, and without which passage through such a busy highway would be impossible.

And to make it possible and allowed for any cyclist interested in making a pilgrimage, from Rio to the National Sanctuary of Aparecida do Norte, at any time of the year, we went in search of a route through the mountains, departing from the city of Rio de Janeiro, towards the Basilica of Our Lady.

In February 2009, right in the week following the seventh Pilgrimage of Peace, we left towards Petrópolis, to start the route and the search for the best path towards the mountains. Considering safety conditions, structure to meet the pilgrim's basic needs, and passing through places of many natural beauties, rural roads through cities in the interior of the State of Rio and São Paulo. Some are already well known for their historical, cultural and touristic value.

A path of faith and devotion was born at that time, and this was also the first pilgrimage path from Rio de Janeiro to the Basilica of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, the Paths of Our Lady, CNS .

Later, the project was created to return along the same path to the Christ the Redeemer Sanctuary in Corcovado, the path is called "Paths to Christ", (abbreviation) CPC


The Caminhos de Nossa Senhora and Caminhos para Cristo route is fully signposted and can be covered on foot or by bicycle (MTB).

CNS - 352 yellow arrows

( until the year 2020 route distance = 498 km.

(in 2021 we will open another 250 km. starting

in Saquarema. and another 100 km. starting in

Nova Friburgo) Total will exceed 848 km.

CPC - 248 red arrows

(year 2020 = 524 km.)

Total CNS + CPC in the year 2021 will have 1,372 km.

3 blue arrows - pedestrian only.

had 48 plates (several were stolen)


PATHS TO CHRIST , Aparecida-SP to the sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer in Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro.

All the way to the Sanctuary of N. Sra da Penha is marked with red arrows.

Official opening on April 13, 2019 at the Christ the Redeemer Sanctuary, Corcovado.

( The stretch within the city of Rio de Janeiro is missing from the Santuário N. Sra. da Penha to Corcovado, this stretch can continue using GPS. We do not have the authorization from the authorities of Rio de Janeiro to go up to Corcovado, so officially the Paths to Christ ends at the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Penha where you can receive the certificate.)

May God bless each one who goes on this Path.

Father Cristóvão Sopicki SAC

president and founder of: Associação dos Caminhos de Nossa Senhora. CNS

and Paths to Christ - CPC

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