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SUGGESTION TO TAKE this path on foot or by bicycle, but starting in Lisbon.


Portuguese way

- on foot - from PORTO - PT

Schedule with forecast:

1 group: in May or June 2022

2 group: in july or august 2022

Cost: land, walking along the Camino de Santiago with the support car:

date and value can still be changed - 750 euros (estimate value)

+ (hostel and food approximately 360 euros, paid at the time in hostels).

(price of overnight stay at the hostel without breakfast costs between 6 and 20 euros,

tickets: $971 (estimate)

+ fees $170.

Total $1,141

you can pay in 10 x by credit card

(the amount of installments the airline may change)

bandeira da Espanha.jpg
Cam_Santiago foto 4.webp

1st day in LISBON we will visit the city.

​In this program you have the option of walking from PORTO but I'm preparing to leave LISBON on foot or by bike, depending on the interested parties and demand.


9 days of BICYCLE

Santiago de Compostela Way: LISBON (FÀTIMA) - Porto - to Santiago de Compostela.

Dates to change depending on COVID-19
1st Day ../../2022 departure from Rio de Janeiro
2nd Day ../../2022 - ARRIVAL P. Lisbon
1st day (bike) ../../22 departure from RIO day ../../22
FLIGHT TP 0074 GIG-LIS, 15:40 and arrival in Lisbon at 05:20.

FLIGHT SCHEDULE and prices I will inform you when making reservations. After COVID 19

3rd day: 1../../2022 Wednesday-LISBON

2nd day bike ../../22

Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning, departure for a panoramic tour of the city, the historic center, the cathedral and other places in the city. Return to the hotel. Accommodation, dinner.

cam_Santiago PT mapa.webp
Cam Santiago PT_ foto3.webp

14th (on foot) Day ../../2022 - Sunday - Start of the hike or ride

6th day (bike) ../../22)

10 days p. arrive on foot to PORTO

5 days by bike Lisbon - PORTO

By bicycle you do two steps (pedestrian) a day.

PORTO (Matosinhos) – VILA DO CONDE – 21 km

If starting in the center it would be 8 km more.

TOTAL 29 km.

Starting the walk in Matosinhos to avoid the outskirts of Porto and in the first stage we will walk along the Atlantic coast. The ocean and the golden sand beaches will guide us to the town of Vila do Conde, an ancient and important fishing village.

Overnight in hostel.


Route to the Portuguese Way of Saint James : Lisbon / Alhandra / Santarém /FÁTIAMA -  Golegã / Tomar / Alvaiazere / Rabaçal / Cernache / Mealhada / Águeda / Albergaria A Velha / Oliveira de Azeméis / Grijó / Porto / Vilarinho / Barcelos / Ponte de Lima / Rubiães / Valença do Minho / Redondela / Pontevedra / Caldas de Reis / Padrón / Santiago de Compostela

  by bicycle
Most of the route is on the pedestrian path. In the difficult parts to cycle, we go by the alternative path, the path of cyclists. You can see below itineraries for hikers to get to know our path of cyclists better.

This year we won't have the walk - next year after WYD maybe we will have a group to walk.

  cycling day 01/08/2022
PORTO until
  Viana do Castelo  66 km.

    1st   on foot 
PORTO (Matosinhos) – VILA DO CONDE – 21 km
If you start in the center, you would have another 8 km.
by bike we will leave the hostel downtown.
TOTAL 29 km.
Starting the walk in Matosinhos to avoid the outskirts of Porto and in the first stage we will walk along the Atlantic coast. The ocean and golden sand beaches will guide us to the city of Vila do Conde, an old and important fishing village.
Overnight in hostel.

The second stage starts in Vila do Conde, crossing its historic center and stops in a few km. we will arrive at Póvoa de Varzim, a popular beach town and strongly connected to the sea. We will continue north along the coast, winding between beautiful beaches and agricultural fields to reach “Apúlia” from where we will head towards “Fão” where we will cross the Cavado river before reaching the end of the stage in Esposende. Hostel

15th   Day ../../2022, Monday

- VILA DO CONDE – ESPOSENDE – 25.5 km (total 46.5 km.)

6th day bike ../../22 - sunday
The second stage begins in Vila do Conde, crossing its historic center for a few km. we will arrive in Póvoa de Varzim, a popular bathing city and strongly linked to the sea. We will continue north along the coast, winding through beautiful beaches and agricultural fields to reach “Apulia” from where we will continue towards “Fão” where we will cross the Cavado River before reaching the end of the stage in Esposende. Hostel

16th Day ../../2022(Friday) - ESPOSENDE - VIANA DO CASTELO - 23 km (Total 69.5 km.)

7th day Bike ../../22 (Monday)
We will leave Esposende walking along its marginal avenue to reach the town of Marinhas and from there, through small villages and agricultural fields, we will pass through Belinho, Castelo do Neiva, São Romão and Darque until reaching the historic city of Viana do Castelo which we will reach by crossing the old iron bridge over the River Lima authored by Gustave Eifell .

17th Day ../../2022 (Wednesday) - VIANA DO CASTELO – VPANCORA – 23 km (92.5 Km.)

7th day BIKE ../../22 Monday
We will start another journey through the beautiful and well preserved historic center of Viana do Castelo towards “Areosa” and its numerous “Quintas”. We will walk through high stone walls that will take you through Carreço and Afife before heading to the fishing village of “Vila Praia de Ancora”

We will continue to continue close to the sea, passing by the famous bathing area of Moledo before entering Caminha. We can visit the historic center.

End of one more step. Overnight in hostel.

18th Day ../../2022 (Thursday) - Walk - OIA – 25 km (117.5 Km.)

8th day bike ../../22 Tuesday

Leaving the village before crossing the Minho river, we will enter Galicia lands. Take the ferryboat or one of the alternatives and we will arrive in the city of A Guarda.
We will cross the city of A Guarda towards the beautiful beaches of the region. We will follow a trail close to the C-550 road, which we will visit a few times, passing through Portecelo and Val da Aguieira. Next to the chapel of São Sebastião, we will start the approach to Oia, which with its impressive monastery of Santa Maria de Oia, gives its name to the route “Camino Monacal” (Monástic Way) and which will mark the end of another stage.

overnight in hostel

19th Day ../../2022 (Friday)

OIA – BAIONA – Nigran - 22.5 km (140 KM.)

8th day bike ../../22 tuesday
We will leave the village of Oia and continue, through beaches, cliffs and cultivated fields, enjoying the beauty of the sea hitting the rocks. The C-550 will be our guide for several kilometers. until we reach “As Mariñas”, to see the “Cabo Silleiro”. The Way then crosses the road and takes us up the slope passing the chapel of “Virgen de Cela” reaching “Chairs” to continue towards the beautiful city of Baiona, renowned for its beaches. We will cross Baiona, parallel to the city's marina, towards the Holy Trinity Cross from where we will continue until crossing the Miñor river, through its medieval bridge, and thus reach Ramallosa and Nigran. End of one more step.

19th Day ../../2022 (Saturday) NIGRAN - VIGO - REDONDELA - 28 KM.(167 km.)

9th day bike ../../22 wednesday

We will start the day crossing “Nogueiras” and starting the small climb to the “Monte de San Roman” from where we will be able to contemplate the wonderful view of the “Islas Cies” while we continue to the “Castro Alto da Medoña”. Through woods and small villages we will approach the city of Vigo where you will enter through the city park (Parque Castrelos) and following the river “Lagares” we will arrive at “Avenida de Madrid”.

Leaving Vigo, head towards the square of “Santa Rita” and continue until reaching “O Troncal”, almost on the outskirts of the city. Continuing to “A Paradela” at the foot of “Monte da Madroa” and then to “Teis” neighborhood.

We will continue near a stream that will be our guide and companion until we reach “Cidadelle”. Continuing to “Alto da Encarnacion”, where we can admire the river and “Rande Bridge”. After the “Rio das Cabras” and “Coto da Fenteira”, we will start the descent through “Cedeira” and “Cruzeiro” to reach Redondela and the “Central Way” where we will complete another stage.

20th Day ../../2022 (Sunday) - REDONDELA - ARCADE - PONTEVEDRA 23 KM. (190 km)

9th day bike ../../22 wednesday

From Redondela you will notice that the number of Pilgrims on the Way increases a lot, as from now on the route coincides with the “Central Way”. Leaving Redondela towards Outeiro de Penas, we quickly reach Arcade, a place known for having the best oysters in Galicia. We will continue to Ponte Sampayo to cross its medieval bridge over the river Verdugo, and start the beautiful climb from Canicouva to Cacheiro. From here, start the descent towards the city of Pontevedra for a well-deserved rest. You will also have time to visit the historic center of Pontevedra, one of the best preserved in Galicia.


21st Day ../../2022 (Monday)


27 km = 217 km.)

10th day bike ../../22 thursday
Starting the walk in the historic center of Ponte Vedra, we will cross from the old town to the millenary O Burgo bridge over the Lérez river. Continuing along the beautiful valley of the Granda River to San Mauro. From there, the path is wide and easy to walk, immersed in conventual peace. Here the first cruises begin to appear, some of them preciously carved, which prove to be on the right path to Santiago. Entering Caldas de Reis through the church of Santa Maria, next to the bridge over the river Umia, the preferred location of this spa town, which will mark the end of this day.
With some enchanting stretches, we will leave Caldas de Reis through the medieval bridge over the Bermaña river and continue along a path that leads to the village of Carracedo.

Carracedo ponte.jpg

22nd Day ../../2022 -(Tuesday)

Carracedo - Santiago de Compostela - 30 km. (247 km.)

10th day bike ../../22 thursday

It passes by the Church of Santa Maria de Carracedo and crosses a particularly lush landscape, along the side of the Valga river, heading to S. Miguel de Valga, from where it will head to Padron, the city where, according to legend, the boat that transported the body arrived. from the Apostle to the region of Galicia.
Leaving Padron and heading north to the Colegiade de Santa Maria de Iria Flávia. Continue through Galician villages to Rua de Francos. Begin to glimpse Santiago de Compostela a little further on, in Agro dos Monteiros. You will cross the outskirts of the city on a path that leads to the Faxeira gate, the entrance to the Portuguese Way in the old town. And, through a narrow labyrinth of alleys in the medieval quarter, we will continue to Obradoiro square and the Cathedral where the Apostle awaits.


22nd Day ../../2022 - Return to Lisbon - to board the trip back to BRAZIL.

11th bike ../../22 back to Brazil

​FLIGHT TP 0073 LIS-GIG, DAY ../../2022, 12:10 and arrival in Brazil 18:05?

Lisbon-Rio de Janeiro

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