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16th step


- 18 KM.

Even N.Sra Church Aparecida, center

On foot = 5 hours

by bike = 1 hour

Altimetry Petrópolis - PIABETA

ascents 83 m. * 887 m descents

Until the intersection Petrópolis - Teresópolis - RIO

15 km more.  

BLUE ARROW = a pedestrian-only stretch of path, not suitable for cycling.

* Pedestrians at the end of Rua Da Tereza take the old train line and after the two bridges on the train line turn left leaving the train line (following the YELLOW arrows on Caminho do OURO)

Go down the path of well-kept stones. It's only 6 km. (6km. less than the old road)

Trail ends at the train station in Piabeta and the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church.

Then follow the arrows through the streets of the city to the parish church Nossa Senhora Aparecida. Center.

Pedestrians can stay overnight in Piabeta (hotels) or follow the yellow arrows to the tollbooth, on foot, to the interchange (Rio-Petrópolis-Teresópolis, metropolitan arch)


Even toll.

From the new interchange on the Metropolitan Ring (Petropolis - Teresópolis - Rio de Janeiro, we suggest using public transport, buses or vans, to Avenida Brasil or Santuário da Penha.

The Paths to Christ route officially ends at the Nossa Senhora da Penha Sanctuary. Here it has a stamp and you can receive the certificate.

17th STAGE


you can go to the sanctuary

OF the redeeming christ

Until the tourism authorities authorize the ascent to Christ the Redeemer without paying the fees, we suggest finishing at the Santuário da Penha.

Here you can receive the certificate.

You can go by bike via Porto Maravilha to Corcovado. We don't have signage yet. Rio authorities have not yet authorized it. Let's paint arrows soon.

On foot - from Penha to Central Station (14 km.) travel by train

From the Central Station, go on foot or the Museum of Tomorrow (Porto Maravilha) by light vehicle and then on foot (or by bicycle) to Corcovado (18 km.).

Later we will put the details of this excerpt

We are studying with the authorities of the state and the city to offer the best way and the best way to reach the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer.

For the time being we do not have the authorization to climb to Christ the Redeemer without paying tourist taxes.

There is no certificate in Corcovado.

From Central Station to Corcovado via Porto Maravilha it is 18 km further.

We are hopeful that with the help of the authorities of RIO de Janeiro we will have the marked path to Corcovado and climb to Christ the Redeemer without paying the entrance fee..


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