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9th stage *

Hotel Fazenda SANTANA DO TURVO -



walk - 7 hours 15 min.

pedaling - 3 hours and 30 min.

Santana do Turvo Farm and São José do Turvo are 16 km away.

São José do Turvo - Conservatory 16 km.

Capela São Benedito Conservatory 11 km.

* Departing from Santana do Turvo Farm to São José do Turvo 16 km. ground road.

From São José do Turvo to the Conservatória there are 16 km of unpaved road. Very nice path for walking. In this stretch there is nothing to buy, there are no stores so you need to take all the food and water you need for 4 hours of walking or an hour and a half of cycling.

In Conservatória there are many options for lodging and food. Our suggestion:

arriving at the Conservatory, have lunch and confirm the accommodation. After lunch, walk another 11 km. to the chapel of São Benedito (the entire stretch is paved road) and return by car, more practical would be UBER to Conservatória and the following day go from UBER to the chapel São Benedito to continue the walk from the place where they ended the day before.

In this chapel we are planning to build the hostel and it may be that this year 2020 it will be ready.



10th step

Conservatory -

São Benedito Chapel 11 km.


3 hours of walking

1 hour of cycling


11th Step

SÃO BENEDITO Chapel - Broom

+39 km.

10 hours of walking

3 hours of cycling


From São Benedito Chapel, future hostel to Vassouras, we have a paved road with small stretches of ground.

Attention when arriving to interchange with the road that goes to Valença !!!!!

First turn left (following the red arrows) and then about 300 m. at the clover turn left towards Vassouras.

It has two sections that cut the road from the inside (municipal road)

Entering Barão Ju Paraná, crossing the bridge, follow to Vassouras.

In Vassouras we have two options for accommodation:

* Overnight at the sisters' house BETÂNIA Retiros, inn.

Júlio Correa e Castro Square, 10 - Madruga, Vassouras - RJ, 27700-000

or hotel downtown.


Rua Chancellor Dr. Raul Fernandes 121

tel. (024) 2471-1993

near the parish church.

Leaving the city you will find the SHOU DE BOLA restaurant.
Good option for dinner or lunch.
One km. after the church Santa Rita de Cassia.

Church of Santa Rita de Cassia.

Here is a stamp:

Hotel and church Santa Rita

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