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THERE ARE 16 STEPS on foot

8 steps by bike

can join two steps a day



total 500 km.

Ways to Christ is the same way only in reverse

Aparecida - Corcovado

1st STAGE Rio de Janeiro - Piabetá 54 km.

On foot = not recommended, better start the pilgrimage on foot at the church in PIABETA (2 step). Route from Rio is long and a lot of traffic noise.

By bike = 3 hours.

Stamp - Parking box at Nossa Senhora de Aparecida de Piabetá Church – Rua Santa Elisa 188 – Center – Piabetá – Magé.

Altimetry RIO - PIABETA

Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy RJ

3 hours (54 km)

via the BRT Transcarioca Corridor

1,158 m · 409 m

You can choose another shorter route to reach the beginning of the Waschington Luiz highway and head towards Piebetá

First follow the signs to Penha.

After Penha to Waschington Luiz and follow road p. Teresópolis to the toll booth. Cross the footbridge before the toll booth, cross the toll booth on the left side and follow the road to Piabeta, Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora Aparecida.

From the toll booth there are signs, yellow arrows.

Be careful: routes may contain errors or include sections unsuitable for cycling

Sanctuary of Divine Mercy - RJ

R. da Divina Misericórdia, S/N - Vila Valqueire, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 21321-580

follow the

Divine Mercy R.  

towards R. Arcozelo

230 m

Turn left onto R. Poços de Caldas

300 m

Turn left onto Rua Luiz Beltrão

180 m first clover turn right onto R. das Camélias -

800 m - go to the end and turn right

on Estrada Intendente Magalhães

2.6 km - on top of the viaduct (mergulhão) slight left turn on Domingos Lopes street, follow

  Transcarioca BRT Corridor

to the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Penha.

arriving at Av. Brás de Pina

stays on Av. Brás de Pina for more than 1.1 km

Turn right onto Estr. from Penha

350 m

Follow the boards for the

Sanctuary Basilica of Penha Rio


exiting follow the direction of Estr. from Penha

280 m

Turn right to stay on Estr. from Penha

350 m

Turn right onto Av. Brás de Pina

12 m

Use the crosswalk

950 m

Turn right onto R. Salviano Valente

70 m

Turn right towards Av. Lobo Júnior

get off the bike

82 m

Turn right onto Av. Lobo Júnior

180 m

Turn left to stay on Av. Lobo Júnior

23 m

Turn right to stay on Av. Lobo Júnior

190 m

Continue to Rua Delfina Enes (signs for Av. Brasil/Centro/Bonsucesso)

200 m

Turn left onto R. Santiago

400 m

Turn left onto R. Bernardo de Figueiredo

49 m

Turn right on Rua 30 de Maio

180 m

Turn left onto R. Irani

32 m

Turn right onto R. California

300 m

Turn left onto R. Cuba

350 m

Turn right onto Av. Lusitânia

160 m

Take the ramp on the left towards São Paulo/Cpo Grande/Merc. St. Sebastian

600 m

Slight right on Av. Brasil

950 m

Take the access ramp to Juiz de Fora/Belo Horizonte/Brasilia

120 m

Smooth right turn on

Av. das Missões (signs for Linha Vermelha/Rio de Janeiro)

850 m

Take the access ramp to Rodovia Washington Luiz on the left

78 m

Take BR-040/BR-116


Take the access ramp to Magé/Teresópolis BR-116

Take BR-116/BR-493

7.7 km

TEGUE ROAD TOWARDS TERESÓPOLIS Until the footbridge before the toll booth. Cross the road by the footbridge and then follow the left of the lane, and right after the tollbooth (following about 200 m. in the opposite direction, take the interchange to the left towards PIABETA.

Here you will find the yellow arrows that take you to APARECIDA.

Arriving at PIABETA following the arrows, right after the bus station you will reach

Parish of Our Lady of Aparecida in Piabeta

R. Santa Elisa, 188 - Parque Sao Jorge, Magé - RJ,


End of step 1

Click to see the Metropolitan Arch Clover

Click below to see the interchange leaving Avenida Brasil towards Petropolis.

Clover with Avenida Brasil. click below to see the photo

From the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy, Vila Valqueire - Rio de Janeiro to Piabetá in the municipality of Magé, it is 54 km.

The entire route is through streets and roads with a lot of movement. 100% asphalt. Be careful with very heavy traffic.

First stop at the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Penha.

After the Trevo das Missões the path followed a little by Avenida Brasil and then by BR 040 (Washington Luis Road) until the junction with (Arco Metropolitano) RJ 493, Rio - Magé following to the toll and right after the toll turn left ( Av. Santos Dumont) towards Piabetá.

Click to see Bongaba viaduct - here turn left towards Piabeta

Click to see the intersection entering the city - Piabetá * Enter to the right

Our Lady of Aparecda Church in Piabetá

click below

Stamp on the cashier, entrance to the parking lot of the Igreja Matriz in Piabetá, Nossa Senhora Aparecida.

Shrine of Our Lady of Penhã

Shrine of Our Lady of Penhã

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