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price: 25 reais

With this passport you can have discounts at restaurants, inns and hotels registered with CNS.

This year 2021 we will open two branches of CNS

***1 - from Nova Friburgo - Teresópolis to Petrópolis where the main route will join

*** 2 extensions (coast following the beaches)

**from Saquarema - Ponta Negra - Itaipuaçu - Engenho do mato (Darvin Way) - in Maria Paula it will join the Niterói - Pendotiba branch and the COMPERJ road (near Magé) continue to Piabeta where it will join the Main road from Rio de Janeiro to Petropolis.

Passports will be available in Saquarema and Niterói.

You can now buy it at the secretariat of the Nossa Senhora de Fátima Church in Itaipuaçu.

EP information. CRISTOVÃO 21.97675-0815

1. Headquarters of CNS, Caminhos de Nossa Senhora,

Sanctuary of Divine Mercy , Vila Valqueire , Rio de Janeiro

parish office - sanctuary

2. Church of Our Lady by Fátima Itaipuaçu (Marica) at the secretariat or with

Father Cristóvão 21.97675-0815

3. PETRÓPOLIS - Father's house

4. Lirios do Vale - Vale das Princesas (Mr. Julio)

5. BRUSHES - Bike shop, center next to the train station

or at the Mara Palace hotel.

6. Hotel Fazenda Santa Ana do Turvo - inn and restaurant, nearby

of Our Lady of Amparo

7. Resende - Scala Residence Hotel & pSrc = AFF05 & gclid = CjwKCAjwo_HdBRBjEiwAiPPXpD23r6kiUtm7kxn2LxYXvYktG9CZyHAOPtm5qoEVZa060-f7UHcz5hoCeV0QAvD_BwE & gclsrc = aw.ds

8. Areias - Hotel Santa Ana, next to the Igreja Matriz

9. You can order and we will ship by mail.


... to receive the certificate you must have the

minimum 4 stamps:

1. Areias - Hotel Santa Ana

2. Silveiras - Pousada Estrada Real

3. Canção Nova - stamp is at Pousada Àgape,

50 m. from the main gate of Canção Nova

4. Fishing boat 3 lakes, Colony of PIAGUÌ

Passport to CPC, go from Aparecida to Rio de Janeiro you can order by mail and soon we will have it in a shop in the commercial center of the Basilica of Aparecida.

Heads up !!!

* certificate is being delivered personally to each person with identity documents and passport duly filled in and stamped on the catwalk (information point) on the way to the shopping center.

Following the asphalt from Canção Nova to

Appeared the certificate will be denied.


With the CNS passport you will have discounts at various establishments, especially hotels, inns or hostels registered on this site.


Get your passport, stamp it wherever you go and you will receive the pilgrim's certificate at the Sanctuary secretariat in Aparecida.

To pick up the passport, contact CNS through this website, by phone or by email.

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You can choose the place for your accommodation. Plan your pilgrimage, choose the place and type of accommodation: inn, hotel, hostel or camp.

Contact the establishment and agree the values.

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