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6 step  



on foot - 5 hours

by bicycle 1 h.

To follow the Paty do Lieutenant step

Brooms are 39 km.

PATY do ALFERES - to PIRAÍ 20 km.

and another 19 km. even brooms

Stamp :   Vassouras - Santa Rita de Cassia Church - Avelino Gomes Square 25 - Madruga District

or: at the Mara Palace Hotel, Rua Chanceler 121 - close to the parish church. Historic center.

6-step altimetry

Click to see the aerial photo of the church-albuergue

on foot - 4.5 h (21.5 km)

via RJ-115

follow the RJ 115 road

!!! in the clover with sign Fazenda do Secretary !!!

turn right

Smooth right turn on RJ-115

11.2 km (follow the yellow arrows)

Turn right onto R. Álvaro Soares

Entering the city you will find the SHOU DE BOLA restaurant.
Going further, you will find the church of Santa Rita de Cássia - there is a stamp in the secretariat.

Church of Santa Rita de Cassia.

Here is a stamp.

Overnight at the sisters' house BETÂNIA Retiros, inn.

Júlio Correa e Castro Square, 10 - Madruga, Vassouras - RJ, 27700-000

or hotel downtown.


Rua Chancellor Dr. Raul Fernandes 121

tel. (024) 2471-1993

near the parish church.

Click to see Show de Bola restaurant - CNS partner


Stamp: Brooms in the Church of Santa Rita de Cassia,

MILAS BIKE bike shop right after the Chell station

7 step

Brooms - Chapel (future HOSTEL) São Benedito

RJ-143, 6210, Valença - RJ, 27600-000

39 km .

8 hours of walking

2.30 min of cycling


Getting to the chapel of St. Benedict

(in this place we still don't have the hostel, we are preparing and it may be that this year 2020 will be ready)

We suggest you take a taxi or UBRER and go to Conservatória (11 km.) for accommodation and food and the next day come back to continue the walk from this location.

Arriving at noon for Conservatória, take the opportunity to have lunch and pick up your bags from the inn and follow the path to São José do Turvo 17 km.

Cyclists without problems can continue to Conservatória or São José do Turvo.

CYCLISTS can follow two stages to Hotel Fazenda Sant'Ana do Turvo 82 km. (you need to leave earlier to arrive at the inn before nightfall)

From Vassouras to Capela São Benedito (future hostel) 39 km. to Conservatória +11 km., to São José do Turvo plus +16 km. and another 16 for the Sant'Ana do Turvo Farm.

On the way we will cross a small town of Nossa Senhora do Ámparo.



by bicycle - 2 h 24 min (32.5 km)

via RJ-143

457 m. 220 m (uphills)

674 m. 342 m (descents)

St. Rita Church of Cassia

R. Álvaro Soares, 95 - Madruga, Vassouras - RJ, 27700-000

Head towards the city center

by Calleti Street, Otávio Gomes and

at the SHELL station turn right

to Rua Acadêmico Eliete Nunes Barbosa going down at the intersection with Av. Marechal Paulo Torres

go straight on next to the bus stop on Estr. Barão de Vassouras (signs for Embrapa/Santa Monica Experimental Field)

Follow the Desengano road for 6 km. to the bridge over the Paraíba do Sul River.

Crossing the bridge, we will enter the city of Barão do Juparanã - on RJ-115.

After crossing the village on the unpaved road, we will cross to RJ-143.

Click to see the clover - here turn left,-43.7520907,3a,73.9y,310.47h,87.18t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1skszRPm0H65--JmQ8HiIHsg!2e0!7i13312! 8i6656

After 12 km crossing (on the left) with the RJ 145 Highway Benjamin Ielpo,

Click to see the clover - here turn right,-43.7555802,3a,75y,238.46h,90.72t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1siP5u-W6Y6AaXCLXpBJNbFA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

l Ogo enter the right (100m.) to remain in RJ-143 for 7 km.

RJ-143, 6210

Valencia - RJ, 27600-000

St. Benedict Chapel Community.

see the photo of the church Santa Rita de Cássia - Vassouras

Simplesmente só seguir as placas amarelas.

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