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Father of Mercies



Rosary Way


hotel chapel

Shrine of Our Lady of APARECIDA
Let's pray rosary on this Path of the Rosary
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3 DAYS WITH THE HOTEL: with breakfast.

Two nights at the Porto dos Milagres hotel.

Breakfast every day (Saturday and Sunday)

Hotel has a restaurant where you can have lunch and dinner on your own.

double rooms, standard or luxury.

rooms for 2, 3, 4 or 5 people​

Leaving Itaipuaçu at 6 am. and from RIO DE JANEIRO - 7 am.

the 12th of June 2021 (Saturday)* back (Monday) the 14th


11/13/2021 (Saturday) and back (Monday), 15th, at night.

Saturday: 7 am. in the morning departure from the Divine Mercy Sanctuary, Vila Valqueire

and 6 hours. of the Church of Itaipuaçu

and we are going to visit Guaratinguetá, San Frei Galvão sanctuary.

One hour visit in the sanctuary and we go to Aparecida.

2:00 pm arrival at the hotel

- Boat trip on the river where the image was found, Porto Itaguaçu.

- Mass at the port of the Apparition of the image or in the hotel chapel

- Rosary in the Caminho do Rosário.

7:00 pm dinner at the hotel (on your own)


Breakfast at the hotel

Mass in the basilica at 10 am.

you can climb the via sacra hill, cinema, cable car, museums, dome of the basilica, old church, rosary path... lunch and dinner on your own.

Monday: Breakfast -in hotel

Mass in the basilica at 9 am.

12:00 pm lunch at the hotel.

2 pm departure towards Rio de Janeiro with a visit to Canção Nova

Approximately 20 hours arrival in Rio de Janeiro and 21 hours in Itaipuaçu

TOTAL AMOUNT per person:

​ June 12-14:

In the triple room (per person) = R$ 600.00

In the double room - standard (per person) = R$ 650.00

In the double room - luxury ( per person) = R$ 700.00


November 13th to 15th, prices:

In the five-fold room (5 people) (per person) = R$590.00

In the triple room, standard (per person) = R$ 690.00

In the standard double room (per person) = R$ 770.00

In the luxury double room (per person) = 800.00

* in the room of 5 people, the savings of R$ 210.00 per person)​

You can pay in monthly installments)

Aparecida - porto.jpg

Porto Itaguaçu - appearance of the image

Aparecida - porto familia.jpg
Caminho do rosario - barco.jpg
Caminho do rosario - trem.png

Path of the Rosary

Travel on the tour bus with air conditioning, bathroom, minibar.

Spiritual guide and pilot: Fr. Cristovão Sopicki SAC