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TRAVEL to: EUROPE (2021)

VIENNA, CROATIA, Medjugorje, Budapest, Krakow

08/23/21 to 09/06/21

transferred to 2022

Trip suspended once again because of COVID 19.

No harm...

Money paid for this trip can be left for this trip rescheduled for 2022 or used for another trip such as:


back from poland

or Poland and Lithuania....


Air France.jpg
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Contact with organizer and companion throughout the trip:

Father Christopher Sopicki

tel. 21.97675-0815




Will be updated to 2022

Land: 2,750.00 euros

Air with fees: $1,200.00

Registration 500 euros (included in the land price) this value is non-refundable in case of withdrawal.

Discount for couples 50 euros per person.

included :

* travel insurance

* Hotels tourist category (3 or 4 stars)

*Private bus, local tourist guides, pilot and spiritual guide (Father Cristóvão)

* Tickets and city tour mentioned in the script.

* Air ticket with the right of one suitcase + hand luggage


Date of departure from Rio de Janeiro:

date to be set, end of august 2022

August 23, 2021 * (Monday)

boarding at Galeão airport

08/23/21 flight KL 706 GIG AMS 21:55 (2:20+1)

arrival in Amsterdam on 24/08/2021 14:20

Departure from Amsterdam DAY 24/08/2021

AMSVIE 5:15 pm KL 1847 and arrival in VIENNA on 08/24/2021 at 7:05 pm

transfer to the hotel-Resting

3° Dia (18/08/23) sexta-feira, ATENAS
        Café da manhã, vamos visitar a cidade ATENAS. 
* ARCÓPOLE DE ATENAS - Grécia antiga, é uma colina rochosa de topo plano que se ergue 150 m. acima do mar, abriga uma das mais famosas edificações do mundo antigo, como Partenon e o Erecteion.
* Agora Greca , Aerópago (colina) onde São Paulo Apóstolo falou para o povo de Atenas. 
* Troca de guarda em frente ao parlamento Greco (perto do tumulo dos soldados desconhecidos) 
* Estádio Panatenaico  . Translado para hotel. Check-in , jantar. 


hotel mytro atenas..jpg
Mytro hotel 4.jpg

4° Dia (19/08/23) sábado. EPIDAURO, NAFPLIO, MYKENY (total 100 km.)
* Café da manhã, 
* visita na antiga cidade EPIDAURO,
localizada no norte da Península Peloponeso onde se
   encontra campo arqueológico a maior atração turística da região.

* MAFPLIO - a primeira capital da Grécia independente, uma das mais bonitas
   cidades parecidas com a Veneza.
* MYKENY - Túmulo de Agamenon e Cidadela de Mican.

* volta para hotel - jantar.





Pitsakis Hotel - Tolo 1 noite 19-20/08

hotel 3 estrelas

• Bouboulinas 8, Tolon, Peloponeso, 21056 •r

Hotel Pitskis Tolo.jpg
Hotel Pitsakis tolo quarto.jpg
Pitsakis hotel to9tlo.jpg

5° Dia (20/08/23) Domingo,  CORINTO , DELFOS  (260 km.)

 Café da manhã. CHECK-OUT. 
* Viagem em direção ao Peloponeso.
* Parada em cima do canal de Corinto.
* Visita turística na cidade Corinto onde São Paulo Apóstolo ficou 18 meses.
* Corinto antigamente era uma potência econômica da época dos Helenos.
    nesta região foi fundada pelo S.Paulo a maior Comunidade Cristã .
* Viagem de 🚎 ônibus pela linda região com
os anfiteatros naturais, composição rochosa em
    volta da cidade.

* Oraculo, Pitia de Delfos : aqui peregrinaram os imperadores, faraós para pedir concelhos.
* Chegada a hotel, check-in. jantar.


Corinto - canal.jpg
Pitia di Delfos.jpg

Oráculo  Pitia de Delfos

Hotel Arte Pythia *

1 noite     20-21/08

Pavlou Friderikis Str. 6, 6, Delphi Town, Grécia Central e do Norte, 33054, Grécia

hotel art pythia grecia.jpeg

6° Dia (21/08/23) Segunda-feira,  METEORA(S)   (750 km.)

 Café da manhã. Hotel - check-out  

* Viagem para região dos METEORA, complexos rochosos, mosteiros em cima das rochas. Vamos chegar ao mirante para ver todos seis preservados até hoje. Vamos visitar um dos mosteiros e dentro uma igreja ortodoxa do século XV. 

Volta para hotel em TESALÓNICA, jantar, repouso.

Mosteiro nas Meteora Grecia.jpg


Meteores Grecia 2.jpg



7° Dia (22/08/23) Terça-feira,    TESALÓNICA , FILIPOS, KAVALA.   (350 km.)

* Café da manhã. Check-out. 

*Centro da cidade Tesalónica.

*Igreja ortodoxa S. Demetrius, patrono da cidade.

* Praça de Aristóteles e as muralhas da cidade, monumento de Alexandre


* chegada em FILIPOS , aqui São Paulo batizou a primeira pessoa na Europa,

   Santa Lidia. Ruinas da antiga cidade e cárcere onde ficou preso São Paulo.

* KAVALA, cidade portuária, porto de onde São Paulo iniciou a primeira viagem para Grécia.

* Hotel - check-in. Jantar


8° Dia (23/08/23) Quarta-feira,   KAVALA, ÇANAKKALE (320 km.)

 Café da manhã. CHECK-OUT .

*Fronteira com a TURQUIA.  Troca do ônibus e viagem para hotel em Çanakkale.

Check-in e jantar. repouso.

hotel esperia kavala.webp
hotel esperia quarto.jpg
hotel espelia kavala vista.jpg
hotel espelia kavala frente.jpg


2nd Day (8/25/21) Wednesday, VIENNA

VIENNA: Breakfast, city tour of Vienna with guide.

Hofburg Palace

Despite its name, the Hofburg Palace is not just a single building. The palace, heritage of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a symbol of its power, is actually a complex that brings together historic and famous buildings, such as the official residence of the President of Austria, the National History Museum, cafes, restaurants, ballrooms , theatres, the Austrian Imperial Library, the Spanish Riding School and the Sissi Museum, with their personal objects and dresses.

Vienna Opera

It is no coincidence that Vienna is known as the capital of music. The city was home to artists such as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Strauss who grew up or lived there for many years. Currently, there are about 15 thousand concerts per year and the city is fully prepared for this.

Built in 1869, the Vienna State Opera (Wiener Staatsoper) is one of the most famous buildings and one of the most popular tourist spots in Vienna for those who love music, culture and architecture. At Mozart concerts, employees wear period costumes and wigs, so if you have the opportunity to attend, the experience will be even more complete, like traveling back in time. For those who just want to visit the building, there is a guided tour to explore the opera from the inside, through spaces such as the stage or the camaros

Vienna Cathedral (Stephansdom)

St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), better known as the Cathedral of Vienna, is one of the few buildings to survive the bombing of World War II. Originally built in the 12th century in a Roman style, it was rebuilt in the 14th century in Gothic style. In addition to the exterior architecture, what stands out the most is the color of the stone used in the construction and the colorful roof in a mosaic style.

The Cathedral stands out in the heart of the city and the 70-metre tower provides a panoramic view of the city. Visitors can choose to climb the 342 steps or use the large Pummerin Bell, a fast elevator that takes visitors to an observation deck. The Cathedral also houses several chapels, 14th century catacombs and the Cathedral Treasury.

Built from the 17th century, the imposing palace is one of the sights of Vienna that is worth seeing both inside and out. Occupying an important role of cultural importance in Austria, Schonbrunn Palace is a colossal structure of 1441 decorated rooms and halls. It is possible to enjoy a stroll through the rooms, admire the sumptuous furniture and decoration and get an idea of ​​how Austrian kings lived. Outside, immense worked gardens provide a pleasant walk.

Next to the Parliament is the Vienna City Hall (Rathaus), a huge building as impressive as the Parliament. The City Hall building was built in the nineteenth century in a neo-Gothic style. At the top of the Rathaus tower, we find the Rathausmann, one of the symbols of Vienna.

Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace (Schloss Belvedere) was built in the 18th century and is considered by many to be the most beautiful palace in Vienna. In addition to the royal rooms, it is possible to stroll through the beautiful gardens free of charge.

Here, visitors can see the largest existing collection in the world by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt (including the works O Beijo e Judite). But also from Schiele and Kokoschka, and other outstanding artists of Impressionism.

Kartner Strasse

Vienna's famous shopping street is the city's main pedestrian street. It is the address of the main stores of the most famous brands in Europe. Kärtner Strasse is close to the Opera and Cathedral, it also houses several restaurants, bars and outdoor cafes.


Volksgarten is a must stop when visiting Vienna. There you will find the true enchanted wood of children's tales. The Volksgarten (People's Park) received its name for being the first park in the city to be opened to the public, as parks and gardens were formerly the exclusive preserve of the aristocracy.

In addition to the areas suitable for a picnic in summer, the park houses two bars/restaurants, the Temple of Theseus, its own structure to host temporary art exhibitions, and the Monument to Sissi, the empress.


Markets are increasingly becoming an attraction in cities and Vienna is no exception! The Naschmarkt is an open-air municipal market that is open from Monday to Saturday. In it you can find typical food, allowing you to learn a little more about the city's gastronomic culture, but there are also international options.

The Naschmarkt has more than 100 booths with cafes, restaurants, as well as countless flower, fruit, vegetable and cheese stalls. Even clothing sales and DJs rock the Naschmarkt, which is one of the most frequented spots in the city.


In the evening, dinner in a typical Vienna restaurant, with wine and live music, dancing.

- back p. Hotel.

Tróia cavalo.jpg
Hotel Zineli Canakkale.jpeg
hotel zileli quarto.webp

9th day Wednesday 09/01/21)


Breakfast . Travel to Medjugorje. Accommodation at the hotel.

In the afternoon, climb to Podbrdo – Place of the first apparitions of Our Lady.

Free time for private prayers. Dinner. Official celebration at the Sanctuary. Return to hotel.


Cidade Èfeso

Casa de Nossa Senhora em ÉFESO

mar kusadasi turcja.jpg

Praia do mar

Casa de N.Sra. em EFESO.jpg

Hotel Colina da Cidade (City´s Hill hotel)

* 2 noites neste hotel

Turgut Ozal Bulvari No:129 09400/Kusadasi

+90 256 618 30 30

hotel citys hill hotel cassadasi.jpeg
hotel hill cassadasi.jpg
hotel Kusadasi Hill.jpg
hotel Hill Kusadasi.jpg

11 ° Dia  26.08.2023  * PAMUKKALE, HERAPOLIS
Café da manhã. Visita turística em Pumukkale, brancas (como neve) varandas de cal, patrimônio cultural da humanidade. Visita na antiga cidade HERAPOLIS e possibilidade dos banhos na piscina da Cleopatra. (opcional)
Aqui tem tumulo de São Filipe Apóstolo e famoso , antigo teatro. 
   Viagem para hotel em Capadócia, Check-in. jantar. 


Piscina de CLEOPATRA







12 ° Dia (27/08/23)  *  KONYA
Café da manhã. Viagem para  IKONIUM (hojeKonya) .
* Centro religioso do islam, vamos visitar a mesquita do fundador da irmandade Mevlan.
Hotel - jantar em Capadócia.

hotel tripoli pamukkale quarto.jpg
hotel pamukkale.jpg

13 ° Dia (28/08/23) CAPADÓCIA
* de madrugada antes do sol nascer teremos possibilidade  de fazer passeio de balão.
* Café da manhã. Dia todo visita turística na cidade Capadócia.

   Cidade subteranha
*DERINKUYU - onde os cristões estavam se escondendo e vivendo nos 
tempos das perseguições.
* GOREME  - museu das igrejas  patrimônio histórico da humanidade.
* PASABAG - colina dos monges, GUVERCINLIK vadisi.
Volta para hotel.
Para os volunários  "NOITE TURCA" , música e folclore turco.

Derinkuyu-cidade subterranha.webp

Cidade subterranha - DIRIKUYU

GOREME aldeia.jpg

GOREME - aldeia

Cidade subterranha - DIRIKUYU

Pasabagi -.jpg

Pasabag- aldeia dos monges  


Noite turca - folclore

14 ° Dia (29/08/23) Terça-feira, CAPADÓCIA , ANKARA, INSTAMBUL 
Café da manhã, saída do hotel com as malas e viagem para Capadócia no caminho visita na capital da Turquia ANKARA 
INSTANBUL -hotel - check-in,  Jantar no hotel. 


floria hotel.jpg

Capital  - ANKARA



15 ° Dia (30/08/23)  quarta-feira, * ISNTAMBUL , TARS, SILIFKE (Santa TECLA)
Café da manhã.
* Visita na cidade Instanbul :
*Bairro Sultanahmet
* Mesquita Azul
* Hipodrom - obelisco Theodosius
* Pálacio dos Sultões TOPKAPI
* Bazar Egípcio 
Volta para hotel - jantar.

Mar Kusadasi Turquia.webp

Bairro Sultanahmet

Mesquita azul.jpg


Obelisco Theodosius.jpg

Obelisco Theodosius

Palácio Topkapi.JPG

Palácio dos sultões TOPKAPI

Hagya Sofia.jpg



Bazar egípcio

Grand S Hotel


Otogar Yolu No:20 Esenler, İstanbul, 34220, Turquia

grands hotel instambul.jpeg
Hotel instambul.jpg
Grand s hotel quarto instambul.jpg
Grand s hotel Instambul casal.jpg
Grand s hotel Instambul recepção.webp
grand s hotel academia.jpg

A lista dos hoteis:
2 noites * ATENAS * MYTRO HOTEL *34 Marathonas Ave 19009
1noite *    TOLO * HOTEL PIUTSAKIS * Tolo 210 46 Grécia
1 noite * DELFY * HOTEL PYTHIA ART. * Delfi , Friderikis 6
1 noite * TESSALONICA * KORNILIOS PALACE * Ag. Athanasios 570 11
1 noite * KAVALA * HOTEL ESPERIA * Kavala, Erithrou Stavrou 44
1 noite * Canakkale *  ZILELI HOTEL * Çanakkale Merkez, 
2 noites * Kusadasi * CITY´S HILL HOTEL * Torgut Ozal Bulvari 129.
1 noite * Pamukkale * TRIPOLIS HOTEL * Adnan Kahveci blv. n.96
2 noites * Capadócia * FLORIA HOTEL * Fatih, Mehmet Dinier Blv. 21
2 noites * Instambul * GRAND´S HOTEL * Yavuz Selim20.


Image by Vienna Reyes

* SAÍDA  de INSTANBUL (Turquia) dia 31.08.2023 ás 06.05
* chegada em PARIS                            dia 31.08.2023 ás 08:45
* saída de PARIS                                  dia 31..08.2023 ás 13:10
* chegada em Rio de Janeiro (Galeão) dia 31.08.2023 ás 19:35
fim da viagem. 

Contact with organizer and companion throughout the trip:

Father Cristovão Sopicki

tel. 21.97675-0815



Included in the price:

* airfare with taxes and travel insurance

* hotels in tourist category 3 ***

* food: breakfast and dinner

* tour bus with guide - pilot and Father Cristóvão as spiritual guide, escort and translator.

Not included in the price:

* tips in hotels, for guide and driver

* collections during masses

 contact information       Balkan Europe


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