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new date to be set /2021

2,220.00 BRL  


wait for the news. interested can contact me



9 days bike ride ../.. á ../../ 2021 -

travel with passenger cars

With support and transport of bicycles

Travel using regular buses would be about 500 reais more expensive.

with overnight and visit to the city CURITIBA

The bicycles will be transported on the Trans bike Carraro

obs. with a small group, let's go by car, (two cars)

staying overnight in Curitiba on the way back and forth

Total value of the trip (without the round trip) R$ 2,220.00

** we will travel in private cars by dividing the expenses of the car in which we are going to travel. Expenses for each car (fuel and toll) approximately 200 R$ for each of the 4 people.

Bikes go with organizers.

You can pay in installments

this price includes:

* travel insurance

*accommodation in inns in rooms for 3 to 4 people with breakfast including in Curitiba on the way back.

* transport of bicycles Rio - Blumenau - Rio

* support car during pedaling.

*** does not include lunches, dinners and car travel

hotel bella vista curitiba.webp

1 day 05/01/2021 saturday

Departure from Curitiba to Blumenau, visit the city by bicycle and accommodation at:



On this day we can visit the city of Blumenau by bicycle.

2 day 05/02/2021 SUNDAY

After breakfast we go by bike to TIMBO, 29 km. two hours of cycling.

In Timbo, we'll get the credentials and enter the European Valley route.

* Timbó - Pomerode

45 km. (total altitude.510 m.)



This first day of cycling gives a good reference of how the Circuit will be, both in terms of beauty and difficulty: The dirt road that leaves Timbó crosses the city of Rio dos Cedros, crosses a hill, passing through the town of Rio Ada to finally reach Pomerode. The climb up this hill, before reaching the Ada River, is the biggest physical challenge of the day, but the view from the top and the Atlantic forest that covers the route make up for the effort by far.

Pay special attention to the spreadsheet on the Ada River section, as there are many bifurcations. Almost reaching Pomerode, the circuit passes through the Enxaimel Route, where there is a large concentration of houses built in this style. Several of them are identified with small plaques, which show a little of the building's history. It's worth stopping and talking to its residents to learn a little more about the people who conserve this architectural heritage to this day.

3rd day DAY 05/03/2021 Monday

* Pomerode - Indaial (alt.520 m.)


On this day, the path escapes the asphalt, winding through the neighborhoods of Wunderwald (in the municipality of Pomerode) and Mulde (in the municipality of Timbó). The route is well populated, with many houses in beautiful and well-kept gardens. As the road goes up the hill, the houses are left behind and streams, birds and many trees appear. There are two long climbs in the day, but not as steep as the day before and with flat stretches interspersed.

Anyone with availability and time, and legs, can climb one of the most famous tourist spots in the region, Morro Azul. To get there it is necessary to deviate a few kilometers from the route (about 7 km each way and another 7 km back, along the same path) and face a long and steep climb, and in the last stretch you will have to leave the bike and climb the foot. There is an option of camping up there, for those who want to increase a day's travel and calmly enjoy the wonderful view from the top.

On this second day of cycling, attention is needed, especially in two points that meet the asphalt, as those coming from a dirt road can sometimes be distracted. The first is a short 1 km stretch of road that connects Pomerode to BR-470. The other point, which requires the utmost care, is when crossing the BR 470, always with very heavy traffic of cars and trucks.

4th day 05/04/2021 Tuesday

* Indaial - Rodeo - 27 km. (height. 170 m.)



Essentially flat stretch. The road follows the banks of the Itajaí Açú river, in a landscape quite different from the rest of the Circuit. The highlight in this stretch are the bridges, starting with the charming bridge of arches, still in Indaial.

Once on the road, you cross a bridge covered by a roof, a common practice brought with the first immigrants, to protect the timber. There is also a suspension bridge, narrow enough for one car to pass at a time. A traffic light indicates the flow of vehicles. It is not necessary to cross the bridge to continue on the circuit, but it is a lot of fun to do it by bicycle and the view of the river is very beautiful. If you're in the middle of the bridge when the flow of vehicles reverses, don't be alarmed, just lean your bike in the corner and wait for the cars to pass.

Once again, the utmost care is required when crossing the BR 470 again, to reach the city of Ascurra. In a few more kilometers (cobblestone) you reach the final destination of the day, Rodeio. As the ride so far has been less, take the opportunity to rest or get to know the local attractions such as the winery and the dairy. For those who will only cover the lower part of the Circuit, there are another 16km of asphalt, with shoulder, to return to Timbó.

5th 05/05/2021 Wednesday

* Rodeo - Doctor Pedrinho

41 km. (height. 1,120 m.)

Lodging at Hotel Dona Hilda


Here begins the climb to the upper part of the Circuit, aimed at those who are more physically fit and adventurous. This is the stretch with the longest climb on the entire Circuit, 8km at the beginning of the day. Much of this climb is shaded by the forest. Halfway up, there is a strategic stop to rest, contemplate the path of the angels and observe Christ.

A few kilometers further on is the entrance to the famous Cachoeira do Zinco. This detour is highly recommended, as in addition to the view of the waterfall, which is more than 70m, there is also a view of the valley, which is fantastic. But it is necessary to make a plan, since there are 8 km of one way, of which 2 are uphill (200m of drop). There is the option of sleeping there, as long as it is arranged in advance, at the inn or camping. The return is by the same path.

Continuing on, the road is mostly flat, following a river, but there are still some steep climbs to be overcome. Right next to the road there is a Church built in the Enxaimel style, the only one in Brazil, don't miss it.

6 day 06/05/2021 thursday

* Doctor Pedrinho - Alto Cedros, 4o km. (height. 860 m.)

accommodation in Alto Cedros: chales.

Rd Municipal RC-410 - Alto Cedro, Estrada Pedra Preta
(47) 3336-5035 / 3386-0780 ​​​​​​​

on this 6th day, thursday, we will pass through the most isolated places in the whole Circuit. In certain parts there are few farms and houses, and also little shade. There isn't a climb as long as the day before, but the total climb is also quite large, so it's recommended to start your ride early and take with you water and food you need for the day.

Before starting to climb, a practically obligatory stop is the Véu da Noiva Waterfall, reached by a short 20-minute walk through the forest. Great opportunity to observe orchids and bromeliads.

At the top of the mountain range, the road decreases in size until it becomes a green lawn surrounded by araucarias. In a few moments, even though the road is municipal, you will come across gates. Just remember to leave them as you found them (open or closed). At the end of the route, the road meets the dam, bringing a new and beautiful look, as well as a flatter road. Attention in this last stretch, which can be with a lot of vehicle flow during the high summer season and holidays.

7th day 05/07/2021 Friday

* Alto Cedros - Palmeiras - 41 km. (height. 840 m.)

accommodation in Alto Cedros - Palmeiras:

Vitorino Coffee Bed

Alto Cedars - Palmeiras
(47) 3057-5637


can include a snack and dinner in the price of the accommodation with breakfast. Arriving at the inn, the snack will be ready, after dinner. (additional R$ 80.00

On this 7th day * the path goes around the two dams passing through one of the most beautiful regions of the entire Circuit. It is also a very isolated stretch with few shades, so be provided with water and food for the day. As the road moves away from the dam, it starts to climb a lot, resulting in a wonderful landscape, an extensive green carpet of forest Atlantic coast and some rock walls. With a few kilometers to the end of the route, you can see the second dam. Pay attention to this stretch, which can be crowded with vehicles during the high summer season and on holidays.

On this day we can visit two waterfalls nearby. Formosa Waterfall and Saltinho.

Cachoeira Formosa SC.jpg
Cachoeira saltinho.jpg

8th day 05/08/2021 Saturday

* Palmeiras - Timbó and Blumenau

53 km. (height. 670 m.)

Accommodation at the same hostel as on the second day.

Lodging at the hotel: Irias hotel

R. Germano Brandes Sr., 669

Center, Timbo

or in Blumenau

On this last day, the route goes through more inhabited places, but it still crosses many forests, with streams of crystal clear water. Many steep and gentle descents are the reward for the previous days up the mountain. But there is a last long and very strong climb (perhaps the strongest of the entire Circuit), in the locality of Rio Cunha, after the locality of Cedro Alto. After crossing the city of Benedito Novo, the road follows the beautiful river, also with the same name, until it reaches the asphalt that connects Rodeio to Timbó, just a few kilometers from the final point of the circuit.

We'll get the certificates and continue the ride to Blumenau + 29 km.

Let's go straight to the hotel

9th/ 10th day 05/09/2021 Sunday /Monday

Departure from Blumenau with a stop in Curitiba

(or if the group likes it directly to Rio de Janeiro)

Preferably add a day and stay overnight in Curitiba with a visit to the city of Curitiba.

10/05/21 Monday arrival in Rio de Janeiro.

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